Friday, September 21, 2018

I think I'm back.  I just spent some time updating the look and my info so at least one new post is called for.  I'm still alive, still married and still have pups and hoard paper.  There have definitely been some changes - both good and bad - but life continues on and I'm still doing my best to enjoy the ride.  A girls' weekend (me and the pups) is beginning, so I'm sure I'll be back again soon to share what's going on here while we embrace the beginning of fall and the rhythm of a new season.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Looking for new ways to keep myself organized...

Calendar organization, post-it note abuse and endless lists everywhere are things I struggle with every day.  I am always looking for something that will help me find a better way to keep my days and thoughts organized in a way that makes sense for me.  While reading this blog post on Marcy Penner/Hello Forever's blog, I clicked over to Bullet Journaling.  I'm intrigued after watching the video.  I like that it's a mish-mash of calendar items/lists/to do things. I like that it is not pre-printed and that it looks like it will work with the stream-of-conciousness note making that I tend to get stuck in.  I'm going to do a little more exploring of the site and pull one of my many, many, many journal/moleskine books out to try this system out.

If there's anyone actually reading this blog (LOL!) and you have some tips to share for keeping track of the millions of thoughts and lists and ideas you may have, I'd love to hear them!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 Week 7...

Ummm...more and more and more snow.  And to make it even more fun...a now broken snowplow so it's all shoveling all the time until there's a warmer day to work on it.  Good times here in Central Massachusetts.  Another good stock market week making that huge project bearable (and thankfully it's almost done).  Lots of good food.  And an excellent shopping trip - $37 of stuff for $9!  I had coupons for almost everything I bought and they took them all!

Finished my second book of the year - Six Years by Harlan Coben.  Great read!  Trying to decide what to start next.

2014 Week 6...

Snow, longer days, snow, a surprise for my sister (tickets to see Bret Michaels a few days after her birthday), snow and some baking.  A good week for us in the stock market made the HUGE project I'm working on a little more bearable.

Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 Week 5...catching up slowly...

Another long week, but at least it wasn't freezing!  Disappointing...very game to end the season.  We didn't even watch the entire game for the first time in years.  And yes, I managed to get my garlic to turn blue!  It was promptly removed from the roast in the crockpot even though it's safe.  Yuck.

2014 Week 4...really late...

Weather is the big deal this week - ridiculously cold and snowy and just no fun.  But the big tray of nana's mac and cheese from my cousin was an awesome surprise!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Week 3...a little late...

A lot of life happening in the past 10 days, a long, girls' weekend away and snow storms.  

It makes me feel like I've accomplished something when I get the photos off my phone and onto my computer.  Making this weekly collage is becoming a favorite routine now.
Next routine to build on - printing the photos!

Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Week 2...

An expensive week - oil delivery and new tires for my car (and just realized yesterday we need propane too...ugh), but overall a good one.  Missing a couple pictures from John, but I am trying to get a good schedule groove going, so I'm posting without (Sorry John!).

Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Week 1...

A good week to start the year.  Blizzard.  Extra day off.  Relaxing.  Good food.  Time with friends. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow day...

The office is closed today and I'm spending the day relaxing on the couch with Miss Olive (who is not fond of sharing space), playing on the iPad, trying to find something...anything...on TV to watch and enjoying the beautiful view out my window.  We only ended up with 5" of snow instead of the foot that was predicted and that is wonderful!  It is, however, absolutely ridiculously cold outside (below zero wind chills and single digit temperatures), so we are bundled up and staying in today.  

Thursday, January 2, 2014



Setting goals for this week, this month, this year.
Finishing the last of the holiday treats and leftovers.
Reading Dan Brown's Inferno.  
Becoming very introspective and lost in my own head as I try to get things on the track I'd like to travel.
Wearing black pants every day with a turtleneck because I am totally predictable and uninspired.
Making more lists than I'll ever be able to get through...but embracing the need to do write things down.
Feeling hopeful, anxious, loved, blessed, cursed and approximately 329,456 other emotions.
Watching whatever is on the DVR and waiting for the new seasons to begin.
Loving the clean slate feeling that the new year brings.
Addicted to goofing off on the iPad (the ultimate time suck) and playing many games of WordScramble.
Enjoying the process of dreaming and planning and setting a new course for this life.
Planning my birthday trip to see the wild horses of Chincoteague and the Outer Banks.
Wishing for this year to be the year that is more good than sad.
Listening to Miss Olive snore.
Playing with some new fun photography apps.

I think I'm back.  I just spent some time updating the look and my info so at least one new post is called for.  I'm still alive, st...